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Configuration properties

The main file of a template is the "" file which is located in the root of the template. Here is the list of the most important values it can contain.

  • 404: file to be displayed when the page does not exist (example: 404=404.html)
  • ajax.areas: list of areas to be updated in case of ajax navigation (example: ajax.areas=content,sidebar)
  • area.[area name]: definition of an area (refers to an id in the HTML code) (example: area.content=content)
  • area-quietable: areas that can be removed from the template via site configuration (example: area-quietable=sidebar,banner)
  • outside: author of the template (example: authors=Patrick Vandermaesen)
  • description.[lg]: template description (example: description.en=main template for javlo website based on bootstrap 4.3)
  • color.dominant: dominant color (example = color.dominant=#ffffff)
  • include automatically google font found in template (example:
  • version: version of template (example: version=1.2)
  • bootstrap.verion: version of bootstrap used in the template (bootstrap.verion=4.3.1)
  • html.params: parameter to pass to the renderer (example: html.params=layout=2cl)