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Configure the wysiwig editor from the component configuration file

Template contains component config file in "components-config" folder.

  • wysiwyg-css : uri to a css for display correctly text preview inside the editor. (exemple: wysiwyg-css=/css/stylie.css)
  • fontsize : list of possible font size (exemple: fontsize="0.8em 0.9em 1em 1.1em 1.2em 1.3em 1.4em 1.6em 1.8em 2em 2.4em 2.8em 3.2em 4em 5em")
  • format : list of format possible (exemple : format=[{ title: 'main title', block: 'h1', classes: 'main-title'},{ title: 'main subtitle', block: 'h2', classes: 'main-title'},{ title: 'subtitle 2', block: 'h2',
  • classes : 'sub-title'},{ title: 'subtitle 3', block: 'h3', classes: 'sub-title'}]
  • editor-complexity : soft, normal, middle, high