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Module : Dashboard


The Dashboard provides access to site visit statistics, load as well as basic configuration information. It also gives a summary of all debug notes.

There are 3 sub-pages: tracker, report, errors list.



The tracker allows raw access to page access logs, this is to search them.


The report provides immediate insight into the quality of the information entered into the site.

Page structure

Page structure.

The bars indicate the percentage of page that is in order, the second line gives, in the components present, the share of those that are valid and those that are not. Often too short or too long.

  • Page with title: all pages of the site must have a title.
  • Page with description: whenever possible all pages should have a description, even if the description is not visible.
  • Page with right title structure: title levels should follow each other, example no level 3 title after a level 1 title.
  • Page with label on all images: images contained in the page must always have an alternative description.

Check list

Various elements of the site, not directly related to the content structure.

  • Empty page: empty pages without daughter pages make no sense, so they should be avoided. Even if in most cases it does not impact the visitor.
  • Bad external link: number of links to pages that no longer exist (for optimization reasons the system stops these checks at the first 5 errors)
  • Bad internal link: link to a page that no longer exists.
  • Bad resource link: link to a resource (pdf file, image...) that no longer exists.